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All Custom Airbrushed by hand
These are a few of my airbrushed custom artwork from many different job orders. Feel free to browse them as you like.

Beach design

Add a name drop and make this design your own


Hand painted and truly one of a kind

Special Valentines shirt for my lovelywife Diane

Have a special design made for any occasion, just let us know what idea you have and we will do the rest.


All hand done and two each were made


Two matching Jackets

68 Cuda

Two of these were made and all custom painted by hand


Two of a kind

Santa and kids

One of a kind all hand painted

Antique car

This jacket was won by the owner of this car at Rod's-N-Relics Car Show 2005

Ford Truck


This is a old print and an airbrush combo and sells for a lot less, quanties limited on prints I have left

Iron Sides Truck

Jacket all hand airbrushed art with monagramed lettering,one of a kind


All Airbrush paint by hand

Ed (Big Daddy) Roth and me

This is a special shirt I made for a friend (Rat Fink) at a car show, who is now deceased and will be truly missed.

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