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Custom Clocks Made To Order

We have T-shirts, Jackets, Sweatshirts , License Plates & more. Any Questions please email Paul, Thank You!
We can airbrush what you want, use your design or ours.All hand painted for that one of a kind design. Please e-mail us for a price quote today at

Airbrushed Pets T-shirt

**NEW** Custom Airbrushed Banner, we can also do Vinyl Lettering

Custom Aibrushed License Tags

Cute Airbrushed Kitty t-shirt

Airbrushed Jackets, your Design or Ours

Custom Airbrushed T-shirt

One, Two, or Three Image's Airbrushed on T-shirt

Vintage Airbrushed sleds (Availability only)

Our Friend's Dog Airbrushed

Airbrushed Jacket being painted

Airbrushed Motorcycle Sweatshirt

Airbrushed Jacket

Custom Airbrushed One of a kind Image

Airbrushed Old Skool T-shirt

Airbrushed Dog T-shirt

Airbrushed Large Cat Face sweatshirt

Airbrushed Lic.plate 2 UP

Custom airbrushed tut badge for Houghton Lake Chamber of Commerce Lettering & design all done free hand (No plotter used)

Fred Willard at Houghton Lake, one of a kind sweatshirt

Vintage airbrushed sled

Vintage airbrushed Sled 2

Airbrushed Winter sled

Custom Airbrushed license plate

Angel airbrush vintage sled

Airbrushed T-shirt

NEW* Photo Shirt (We can change background and add your car to make a unique design on a shirt, all we need is YOUR photo) These cost a lot less than airbrushing and this might be the way for you to go to having that custom shirt made.

Santa Image Airbrushed on sweatshirt

Airbrushed Corvette jacket

Airbrushed 58 Corvette t-shirt

Airbrushed T-Bucket jacket